Yasmin Eleby, The Bride Who Married Herself

Yasmin contacted me saying that she loved my work and she wants me to plan her wedding. I responded I said I sure would I was not aware at first there was no groom.

How we met

We set a meeting up, and by the way she lies in Saudi Arabia, she told me that she would be in Houston for a few weeks visiting family as I prepared for her visit, I booked several appointments that would normally do with a six month to a year of wedding planning. We finally met up and she told me that her wedding was going to be very unusual, as the conversation progressed she told me that she wants to have a full wedding without a groom I was like are you serious she said yes she was. By the way she is the sweetest person you could ever meet.

So I asked more questions about what  she wanted for her wedding day, she stated that she was turning forty and here explanation was if she wasn’t married by the time she was forty she wanted to have a wedding a dream that she had since she was a little girl.

Her Plan

Her plan for her wedding she wanted a taste of different cultures, and she wanted it to be very fabulous. She did have a be thing she did not want pink at all! she said Darrell whatever you plan please no pink I made sure there was no pink LOL.

This event took about eight months to plan all of our communication after she left was from emails, Facebook messages and text messages, she left blank checks and trusted me to plan her special day. Her wedding was so beautiful most of all the beautiful way that she decided to give herself back to God, during the ceremony filled with nearly 300 guest that by the way had no idea they were coming to a wedding they all thought they were attending Yasmin’s 40 birthday party, the only people that knew what was going on was myself her immediate family and her bridesmaids.

The Ceremony

Back to the real message that was presented during the ceremony, she had three ministers that talked about her three vows to herself

1.loving herself

2.hororing herself

3. asking God for forgiveness

This was so beautiful there was not a dry eye in the room including mine, this was so deep I never thought about life in this way.

The Aftermath

Weeks had past after her wedding I was in Miami doing another event and I saw her calling and texting me I sent her a messages that I will call her back I was like why is she calling so much her wedding is already over, when I got a break from the event I looked at my phone opened up Facebook, and I saw all of the blasting about this women that married herself in Houston, I was like omg this is all about Yasmin’s wedding I read a lot of positive as well as negative comments it had blast all across the world.

The next day I new I had to call Yasmin back I didn’t know how to approach the situation so I thought about it and decided to just call. When I spoke to here she was like OMG Darrell I had no idea that this would go viral, she was a bit upset at some of the comments but I gave her some comfort because people did not know the real reason why she married herself. For about a month we both were giving phone and radio interviews it was crazy. Over all this was a great experience planning such a very talked about wedding and to see my companies name everywhere I got so many calls from upcoming brides to do their weddings.


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